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Join the Society of Elemental Donors


With your support, Impression 5 can continue to develop as a wonderfully dynamic learning environment for families to explore science together. Please consider making a truly "elemental" donation!
  • The Society of Elemental Donors is an elite community of supporters and partners who help fuel the
    PLAY CREATE CHALLENGE vision at Impression 5 by donating. Even the smallest donations are greatly appreciated but a minimum amount of $250 or more is required to be considered a society member.
  • Gold Donation
    (Precious Metal)
    The Gold Star Key Contributor Charitable Gift.
    Brilliant things will come to be with your gift of Gold. We will make sure you shine bright as a key contributor to Impression 5!
    (Minimum $3,000 Gift required.)
  • Helium Donation
    (Noble Gas)
    The Move Up in the World Charitable Gift for the Underprivileged.
    Sacrificing your own needs, and putting others before yourself? That is a truly "noble" act! Become a Helium Donor to help Impression 5 give back to those in need in the community.
  • Plutonium Donation
    (Rare Earth Metal)
    The Energizing Exhibits
    Charitable Gift.

    We are burning with enthusiasm to "expose" the community to all the brilliant things going on at Impression 5. Your gift supports the custom design and fabrication of our one-of-a-kind exhibits. So share the love, give plutonium!
  • Titanium Donation
    (Transition Metal)
    The Strength To Go On
    Charitable Gift

    Your gift of Titanium will strengthen our commitment to improving Impression 5! Consider it an "unbreakable investment" in our mission to educate and empower young children! For them, please, help make us a stronger Science Center.
  • Oxygen Donation
    The Breath of Fresh Air Revitalizing Charitable Gift.
    Like the air we breathe, your donations are essential to our continued success! Give Oxygen and support continual daily improvements at Impression 5. A breath of fresh air will be appreciated by all!
  • Calcium Donation
    (Earth Element)
    The Growth Within the Community Charitable Gift.
    You support strong family values, like us, and the commitment to "building strong bones." Well, Impression 5 is growing, and we need a steady dose of Calcium! Contributions will go towards renovations and improvements that allow us to continue to grow.
  • Silicon Donation
    The Common Place Everyday Improvements Charitable Gift.
    After Oxygen, Silicon is the most abundant element in the earth's crust. If you'd like the fruits of your contributions to be as common as this, make a Silicon Donation! Your support will be appreciated by members, guests, and staff every day.
  • Chlorine Donation
    The Cleaning House
    Charitable Gift.

    The cleaning properties of Chlorine make this element so special to us! With a little "allowance" through your gift of Chlorine we will keep Impression 5 at its best! Feel free to check under the rug because we won't be taking any shortcuts!
  • Sodium Donation
    (Alkali Metal)
    The Good Samaritan
    Charitable Gift.

    Random acts of kindness such as this make you a true representation of the "salt of the earth!" Should you grace our society with the gift of Sodium, your generosity will allow us to support other child-focused community organizations in the area.
  • Tin Donation
    (Basic Metal)
    The Heartfelt General
    Charitable Gift.
    The Scarecrow wished for a brain, and the Tin Man wished for a heart. In honor of them both, give from the heart! No donation is too small, and we know it's always the thought that truly counts.

Thank You to Our Current Society Members!

Give Gold Give Helium Goatley/Slater Family Chris & Corinn VanWyck Give Oxygen Michael & Julia Braem John & Sandy Grettenberger Rod & Therese Poland Erik Larson Andrew & Kate Snyder Give Sodium Dan & Peggy Casey Jennifer Crispin & Andrew Schnepp Kevin & Katie Blair